IBT LogoIBT Industrial Maintenance Services

As a leading distributor of the equipment that drives the American industry, IBT Industrial Solutions offers a high level of service support to help you optimize the performance of your critical production and support systems.

Using vibration analysis diagnostic equipment, we can analyze machine dynamics and performance, identifying misalignment, imbalance, and other problems that cause excess vibration and wear on rotating equipment.

IBT Industrial Solutions can troubleshoot mechanical problems, including the condition of bearings, belts, pulleys, shafts, pumps, gearboxes, fans, motors, cooling towers, chillers, and more. Our services include laser shaft alignment, vibration analysis, motion amplification, remote monitoring, and dynamic balancing.

Protect the value of your equipment and maximize its output by identifying and correcting machinery problems before they cause further damage and expense. Experienced IBT technicians can provide complete on-site inspection, analysis, diagnosis, and repair services. This can range from a one-time repair, to a monthly predictive maintenance program.

IBT LogoIBT Conveyance Engineering & Warehouse Equipment

As an industrial systems integrator, IBT Industrial Solutions maintains a broad-based engineering staff to support our products and services.

Our engineering group is proficient in concept, design, installation, start-up, and training for material handling, motion control, and warehouse systems. With a range of experience and knowledge in modern industrial technology, our engineers are specialists in the areas of PLC programming, material handling layout, sortation, robotic palletizing, HMI programming, motion control systems, complete controls package design, CAD layout, and more. IBT can also provide ongoing technical support for your complex industrial systems.